Thursday, 10 April 2008


It's never too late to make changes and become more healthy

A very good question was asked on the slimming for life forum. What drives you to keep going? I found it such an interesting and revealing question I am copying my reply here. I think I will explore this again. Maybe review the subject in a week or two as it has made me think seriously about my attitude.

Breaking up the kilos to lose into managable bites is good thinking and one that many people use. As is the incentive to work toward a specific goal, i.e. a wedding or sports event.

I don't feel as though I have any particular strategy and that is maybe why I am still mucking around.

I am driven by a whole lot of negatives. 1. When I eat badly I feel unwell with gut discomfort and pain, indigestion, acid reflux and a kind of arthritic pain in my muscles. 2. I can't go up & down the stairs easily, I get short of breath with little exertion, my bones creak and complain, getting up out of chairs and in & out of the car is awkward etc. etc. 3. The selection of cheaper clothing stinks. I see things I like but they don't fit me or worse look awful on. 4. when I am eating too many carbohydrates I feel sluggish, fatigued and I become exceedingly irritable. I am not a happy camper. You would think that would be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

At almost 69 yrs. (whose counting .... not me), I am very aware of the dangers of growing older and carrying an unhealthy load of weight. There are more than enough incentives to keep to my plan.

On the positive side I have a clear page folder for tracking and some photos to remind me everytime I open it why I am determined to never give up. One is a photo TWJ took of me in my swimsuit when I was 107kg. That was about 3 years ago and I'm only 10kg lighter now. I took one copy of the photo and trimmed it back with nail scissors to something approaching what I should look like. It is always a wake-up call to see the two photos side by side. The other photo is of my lovely, body-shaping niece in my wedding gown. She was here on holiday and for some reason they were fooling around and she dressed-up and was shocked to discover she could not do up the zip. Ha ha! I wasn't here to tell here I wore a merry widow, (strapless corselette), which gave me a lovely nipped in waist. This last was a huge shock for me as I had always felt heavy and fat and here was my slim niece in my wedding dress. I thought of all the years I had wasted being concerned that I was fat and the resulting pattern of yo-yo dieting that has brought me to where I am today.

In my folder I also have two graphs drawn up for 6 weeks at a time. One is for weight loss, the other for pedometer steps. I fill them in with a gold pen and use pretty stickers when I do extra or achieve something I think is special. I find these graphs incredibly inspiring but because I cannot get good/accurate readings on my scales the weight loss one has become frustrating of late.

I have also found that doing this for a limited period was very helpful. Last year I did so well when I was on a 6 week cycle. The 6 weeks seemed to come around so quickly and it is really nice to start again with clean pages. I am probably going to get right back into the Lean For Life program this Friday. It worked so well and I've had a good break so it should feel fresh again.

This program is divided into 4 weeks of staying in ketosis, burning fat at a measurable level by testing your urine with a ketostix every morning. In the light of my erratic scales this will tell me that I am going in the right direction. The fifth & sixth weeks are eating in a similar way but adding in a few more foods and not testing for ketosis. I remember writing that the weeks and accompanying weight loss turned around so fast that I was never bored.

Since July last year I have been like a yo yo, off and on this program, losing and gaining and just not coping generally with our current lifestyle. I feel more settled now, thanks to the antidepressant, Fluoxetine, and am ready to work this program again. My general health improved so I know my body likes it and I can have the occasional treat as long as I make sure that the treat stays in the singular and is not multiplied over the following days.

Sadly I seem to be driven by as many negatives as positives. Does that leave me in neutral? (joke).

I have a job. I go on Monday to be shown around and do all the paperwork then start the following Saturday, It's no great shakes. Cleaning at the local old folks hospital but it's a foot in the door. They have a position much more suited to me and I hope to do that 2 days a week once I've got my bearings. It's called 'Ward Assistant' and means making beds, delivering meals and cups of tea but not the hands on physical care of patients. The pay is terrible but it's better than nothing. We need to earn at least $1000 per month to get our finances in order and to have any hope of going overseas again. Hopefully it will stimulate me to continue to become more healthy and I will not get so tired that I can't think straight.

Regarding the Healthy You Challenge I have had a mixed week. Some days I've eaten sensibly, others not so. I planned to walk at least 6/7 days but only managed one and my weight has not moved as far as I can tell. This week I should manage better.

Why am still here rambling on. It's after midnight so Good night and God Bless you.
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