Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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Thought I'd start with a few photos we took about this time last year when we were in the South Island. The grey rocky hills are typical of the ruggedness in many areas. The second is the view we enjoyed while having lunch at a winery. We looked across the Lake to hills that were scoured by gold mining in the 1880s The third is a hillside above Queenstown, a mecca for skiers and tourists who want a great bungy jump. The last is of a pretty bridge across the Clyde Hydro Dam at the ittle town of Clyde where we kept going back for coffee at a cute cafe in the historic stone Post Office

This time our travels coincided with autumn colours which were particularly good and the trees had held their leaves because there had been no strong winds. There were times when I felt as though we were in the middle of a glorious painting. We only had a few days but managed to visit and explore some old gold workings and wander around some historic towns.

Today has gone fairly well. After waking at 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep I got up early and did some email and stuff. TWJ & I came over to Mum's after lunch arriving before my sister and her daughter and delightful grandchildren went home. It was nice to see them. They children were playing in the sea. Not what I would call a warm day but they had a lovely time.

Work went well although busier than last week and I was on checkout right through. Lots of exercise as I moved some heavy items such as cartons of beer and 3lt milk bottles. I do get frustrated with myself as I seem to be finding it hard to remember the sequence of buttons for some operations. I have made progress though as I remembered the receipt just about every time.

Today I have eaten/drunk, a berry protein smoothie, beef & lettuce salad with a small potato, a small tub of yoghurt, 2 boiled eggs and a few pieces of chocolate.


~lose2live~ said...

:) I found you.... how are you my friend?......

MargieAnne said...

Lovely to see you here.
I'm doing fine. Resting my shoulders & arms. Who needs workouts when they are on checkout?
Still I need to get stronger so will have to work out a routine to do that.