Monday, 7 April 2008


This is not a pretty .
I have known for a long time that I will struggle to eat to lose weight if I eat too many carbs in a single day. Some carbs just have to be off the menu right now such as added sugar, bread unless it is stongly managed at no more than 2 thin slices per week, cakes, some fruits and so on. That also means capuccinos which I love, read addicted to, but always add sugar. It also means I need to be very careful about diet drinks and jelly's etc because even sweet food can trigger the insulin release that leads to sugar/high carb cravings.
Last week at Mum's I made a very yummy bread & butter pudding with some homemade but stale bread. I buttered carefully the slices, layered them in a dish with sultanas, frozen raspberries, brown sugar and walnuts then poured over the custard mix of beaten eggs and milk. I let it stand for about an hour so the bread could soak up all the liquid then baked it until the custard was set and the top crunchy with the sugar and nuts. This was not for me to eat ... you understand that, but I had to have a test taste when serving the others. Hmmmm! It was so delicious that I gave myself a proper serving with whipped cream.
That bread and butter pudding was the beginning of a slippery slope. Hopefully I'm going to break out and start climbing back up to sugar sobriety today. The B & B pudding was Thursday. It was so yummy because not only did I make it with sultanas layered in but frozen raspberries and walnuts. That made it even more healthy ..... right .... not.
Friday when we went into town to get our main shopping for the next 10 days or so I talked TWJ into coffee at the cafe. No cake you understand, just cappuccino for me with sugar, and moccaccino for him.
Saturday I ate reasonably well until late afternoon and then into bread etc. and Bunderberg diet lemon, lime & bitters or two ... diet but still.... Sunday gave up the fight and ate sandwiches of butter, dried fruit & nuts, 1/2 pineapple, pizza and more Diet Bunderberg. Bad call.
Today I am trying so hard to keep to low carbs, no bread, no Bunderberg and no fruit either because it's the only way to stop another day of crazy eating. So far I've managed to stay OK with scrambled eggs and I have plenty of salad stuff, cold chicken as well as tuna so have no excuse. I am really mad with myself for letting this get away with me.
Talk about a roller coaster ride. Sometimes I get quite scared about what I do to myself.
On the quilting front I have bought the extra fabric and will need to get stuck into washing, ironing and cutting today. I also spent Mum's checque on plants and bulbs. I will replenish my pots over the next 2 days so that I can do hers when we go over to stay later in the week.
I have been reading, reading, reading. 2 detective stories including a Kathy Reichs, a family saga and still reading the Pauanui book about establishing of the first modern purpose designed holiday resort village in New Zealand. It is very interesting reading about it's beginnings because I love that little town and it would be my choice to live there if we weren't so committed to seeing Mum comfortably through her final years.

My goal for this week is to put on my walking shoes every day and walk out the door. My weight loss goal is not quite so clear after such a weekend of poor choices.
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