Monday, April 28, 2008


Hi Hippygal and other readers. Sending love and wishing you a really good day.

It's 10.30 am and so far I've managed OK. Today is normaly a lazy day for me but Jay is working and Mum had a busy weekend with visitors and lots of talking so we thought I should be on hand early. As it has worked out Mum is really fit. She got her own breakfast about 7.30 am, went back to bed to read paper and do crosswords. Since then has showered and washed her hair. I will go up shortly and see she has morning tea and make her bed.

Still had to take Jay's boyfriend into work at 8 am so had a quickie breakfast at home. Small tub of yoghurt and enough liquid to swallow the raft of pills and vitamins. TWJ stayed home to do laundry and cook our tea. I hope he will do floors too with me out of the way. He is an angel about the housework but does get grumpy with my 'leave it another day,' when ever that is possible.

While in town I picked up Mum's magazines and went to the bakery to get her some nice squares, apple, apricot and Granny, which is really a nice name for fly cemetery, which is lots of raisins and other dried spiced fruit between pastry. Mum cuts these squares into 1/4s so they last nearly the whole week. Back to the bakery. The gorgeous smell of fresh baked bread and spices and ..... oh well you can imagine if you dare. I was so tempted by the blackboard boast of authentically made French Croissants. Man, I had to get out of their before I went berserk. Home again I've had my Smoothie so reversed breakfast and snack and am now hopefully safe to eat my regular menu today.

I love baking, I love the smell and I love eating fresh baking. When I was younger this was only a little problem because I was active enough that it didn't do too much serious damage ..... but now when I am still more than 35kg overweight it is a different story. I keep dreaming that maybe it will be safe for me to do a lot of baking again but I think it will always be something I monitor very carefully.

Might be back later. Have to check on Mum, collect the man from work, go for a beach walk, maybe some gardening if the weather lifts otherwise I have my quilt. Lots to choose from.

Warning ... sad, well not sad just stupid. After this morning's victory I had a very bad eating afternoon and didn't go for a walk. I know I was tired because I had a couple of nanna naps. I was doing OK until the Turkish boyfriend came home with his takeaway lunch and forced me to eat fries. Then I let go completely and ate uncounted feijoa muffins because they were there and no-one else seemed to like them.

Now I'm going to bed and hopefully sleep well and long.

Blessings and love to all my readers.


kate said...

kudos to you margieanne!

that bakery visit must have been very hard personally for you, i am the same when it comes to things like that. as for the baking why not start off with baking things like home made muesli bars or something like that? nothing better than the smell of cooking from an oven :)

Anne said...

LOL - did he really FORCE you to eat chips!? I find it so hard to resist home baking so don't do a lot these days.

MargieAnne said...

Crocodile tears all over the place. I can eat a whole batch of baking at one sitting so not even muesli bars are safe.
And the chips ....well you know when a plate is put in your hand what happens .... I had to be polite .... My hand just kept on going out. The stupid thing is I'm not a great fan of fries but put in front of me like that I was tempted and yielded.

No-one to blame but me .... see ... I can front up.

Ready Maid said...

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I gotta admit, Hot Springs is a pretty cool place to live, even for those of us who aren't yet retired.

To get a sneak preview, check out Spa Vlogger.

As for your bakery buzz, you may have to find another happy button for a while - one more in line with the highest vision for yourself. When you begin to look, it will appear.

Hippygal said...

Feijoa muffins yummmmmmm :)