Friday, 11 April 2008


but I didn't die. Mum's house is beside the sea. This morning after seeing to her breakfast I went for a walk along the beach. My timing was poor because the tide was in so had no really firm sand to walk on. But I began to splash along the edge, getting wetter and wetter because the water is unusually warm for April. Having got my pants wet to the top of my legs I decided to go for a swim. I cannot even begin to work out how long it is since I had an autumn swim in the sea. It was wonderful and I got out reluctantly after about 1/2 hour only because I had other things that needed doing. I swam, possibly 700m, in sea that felt and looked like silk shot with sea greens and blues. Oh it was beautiful. I have walked over a km on sand and swam about 700m in the sea which is always heavier to swim in than fresh pool water. That has to count as a pretty good work out for me.
It is a truly lovely day. The sun is warm, the sky blue with a few whispy white clouds, there is a light breeze with an autumn touch to it. After my swim I sat on the deck in the sun to drip while having a snack of cottage cheese & celery. I feel so fit and so clean. It is a very long time since all felt so well in my world. We have stunning views in this special place. Sitting on the deck I could look across Mercury Bay to Cooks Beach on my right, a rocky point, favoured by fishermen, to my left, and straight out to Centre Island, the little knob of land sticking up out of the sea. If you want to know more about the area we live in go to http://whitianga.co.nz/
As I type I am listening to the music of a talented pianist. If you've never looked at this site you are really missing something beautiful and inspiring. Try it out and see what you think. http://www.llerrah.com/dontquit.htm
Please note that in New Zealand it is currently Friday, April 11th, 3.15pm. I am well into my first day of Lean For Life program and going well excep for one thing. A little while ago I was ravenous. That was a little unusual because I'd not long had lunch, but here I was in the bakery to collect Mum's homemade bread followed by the SuperMarket for meat & veges and all I could think about was how hungry I felt. I thought maybe the swim had made me hungrier than normal so I bought a banana and a mousse type of flavoured yoghurt which I devoured. After the damage was done I found my lunchtime drink still on the counter, so I wasn't so much hungry as thirsty. I have eaten many more carbs than planned for the day. Here's hoping the exercise makes up for it.
Watched Downsize Me last night. Not sure about it's inspirational value this time. Some of them are so hard playing the game that this group has a very different feel to it. Nor did I enjoy seeing them eat doughnuts and diving into the doughnut mountain to find the 5K token. I suppose if you look at it another way the overall game is character building. You can see how hard it is to send someone home and when Kay had to chose someone else to have a weekend reward with their family she was really distressed that she had to leave all, bar the one, behind. Maybe the doughnut mountain and the resulting food mess is one way of grossing people out on sweet, sticky, yucky food.
There is a big boat race in the bay tomorrow afternoon. It's beginning to get exciting as the boats start arriving and go out for a run. I hope we have a grandstand view but it depends on where the course is set. Speed and the roar of motors. I love it.

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