Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Two new comments. Thank-you for your nice encouraging words. Wow! Someone is reading my blog.

In a way that is a stupid comment because I don't have to write on the internet instead of a private journal. I have journalled for years but somehow it has become a chore in the last few years. This seems safe, almost anonymous, and yet I get feed back from cyber friends. I quite like that. My social life has been up and down over the last 15 or more years. Incidentally the years during which I have gained most of my excess weight. I wonder if there is a connection. The social gap has been caused by moving around. We lived in the same locality for about 20 years. My family farmed there for 40 years so we were well known. Our children went to school there and we had many connections and community involvement. Since then we have moved or something has disrupted our social environment fairly frequently. The most settled time I've had since 1990 was probably 6 years '92 -'98 when TWJ worked at a dairy factory and we lived in the factory village although so much happened in those years that they were far from stable.

Our middle son had a motor bike accident which resulted in permanent spinal damage, another son had a serious conviction which involved us travelling backwards and forwards from North to South Islands several times during the first year as he needed support people for his counselling course. I made myself totally at home in the 2nd house the Co. allocated to us, in the village thinking we would be there for 7 years at least but a change in Co policy saw us move into a less attractive house and caused huge angst as it came at an extremely stressful time. I had a lovely garden and although I shifted some plants not many survived. The next move for me was '98 when I moved to the Coromandel Peninsula to help look after our daughter, Jay's, Backpacker Hostel. It was only supposed be 6 months before TWJ joined me but another change in Co. policy saw him working for another 3 years. We, mostly him, commuted 3 1/2 hours when he had days off or Jay gave me a break. Talk about challenges. During this time I settled in, learned to live on my own most of the time and made some fabulous friends.

In 2000 Mum sold the family farm, so we lost our main connection with that community, and moved to the Coromandel Peninsula. Then Jay sold the Hostel and we took advantage of the freedom and cash to take a 9 week trip to USA including a Carribean Cruise. Since then we have lived in the holiday accommodation of Mum's house, had a second shorter, trip to the States, spent 6 months in the South Island, most of it with our S.I. sons and 9 months ago moved into our Matarangi cottage which is supposed to be our investment property and bringing in the rent to pay the mortgage. But it became rather crowded at Mum's for us all to live together on a permanent basis when Jay came back from Turkey with a live in boyfriend.

I feel kind of disconnected even though I am not a stranger in the local community. We have holidayed in this area since 1955. I guess the reason I feel a little out of things is because we now live 1/2 hour over a narrow, one lane each way, winding hill road from most of my friends. I know it isn't far but it does feel a bit cut off. Also we are committed to being available to go to Mum's when Jay is at work. It takes time to find one's feet in a new community. I don't know how people who move around a lot for their jobs survive.

Last night I went to my 2nd night at patchwork/quilting. It is just across the road so I gather what I can carry and walk across. They are a friendly bunch but I am the stranger so it takes a bit of effort. I have made a start and hope to get a bit done over the next few days as it will be interesting to see how this 'stack & slash' random pattern works out. I have made do with fabrics I had at home and a couple I was able to buy at the local shop, (not much choice). Nothing co-ordinates very well so we will see. Right now I must be off as TWJ is growling. We are supposed to be on our way to Mum's. staying the next few nights so we are there in the morning when Mum wakes up. The car is half packed and I need to finish gathering my stuff. You would think I could get this down to a fine art but I want everything with me in case I need it. Nothing more frustrating that wanting to do something and the materials I need are over the hill.
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