Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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It was a huge victory..... walking out of the bakery with all the yummeeeee smells and tempting goodies without buying anything for me to eat.

Sadly I let myself down later eating some unplanned food but hopefully the damage is not too serious.

I don't have an official weight for another 3 weeks but I'm fairly confident I am losing some if not quite as quickly as I'd planned. The Lean For Life program encourages you to be in ketosis, the fat burning zone, and I haven't recorded one positive in the last 3 weeks. I am still working towards that goal and getting better at disciplined eating every week. I really want to be at goal before our next overseas trip. I am also working on the exercise thing. So far I've not completed my weekly goal partly because settling into a new job is using up time and energy. Again I'm on my way and should be close to completing my goals very soon.

From the middle of next week we will be living at Mum's for more than a month. This is much closer to town and the gym and I'm thinking that now I am working I might join up again even if only for a short time. I need to improve my strength and fitness levels and a couple of months would make a huge difference.

I am thinking I might need to do a wardrobe clean out soon. I wore a top I like yesterday but somehow it doesn't look so good with less of me in it. This time I am ready to throw out all clothes that are too loose even if they were expensive and hardly worn. I am not going to have them hanging around to be altered when there is little likelihood that I will do that. The nicest ones I will sell. I've been waiting until I'm in the mid eighties, which still seem a long way off, because then there are some brand new clothes sitting in the cupboards waiting for me.


Cammy said...

Hey, the bakery excursion was reason enough for celebration! LOL

I love that you give yourself credit for getting better. That's huge and I think that attitude will see you to your goals!

Have a great week!

Hippygal said...

Thats what I did, got rid of all my clothes that were to big.... so if I put on weight I will have nothing to wear.

kate said...

hi margieanne

i like that you are throwing out your baggy clothes. you need to show of your sexy new figure :) not hide it :) i actually went shopping the other day and refused to buy a bigger size in something because the size was too tight. i just didnt buy anything at all and walked out thinking that if i want new clothes i need to fit in them, not resort to buying bigger clothes because to me that is taking the easy way out.

the gym sounds like a good idea :) let us know how it goes.