Monday, 14 April 2008


That was an understatement. It is now Tuesday morning. I hope no-one is more confused than me by the time zone changes. By the time I went to bed I was beyond sleep so got up again to read and SNACK. Oh dear! I ate 4 slices of bread with butter, pecans and dried cake fruit.

Yesterday I opened a new packet of cake fruit so I could bake a cake for Mum. There was twice what I needed so the rest went into a pantry container. Remind me next time I buy dried fruit to buy the smaller packet so there are no left overs. I love, really love fruit cake. I am trying very hard not to eat the cakes I get for Mum, so what do I do? ..... I make myself sandwiches filled with butter, cake fruit & nuts. I wonder if I will ever be safe around the baking pantry.

I had my first day, well 4 hours, at work in donkey's years. The lady who was supposed to show me what to do was off sick. I tagged along with the person making beds and serving morning teas. That wasn't too hard. Then I joined the cleaner and began mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms. There are 52 of each I think and I will be on my own on Saturdays once orientation is complete. Help. Obviously you don't clean thoroughly at the weekend or you'd never finish. I'm very concerned because I am exceedingly slow, partly because I am thorough & a bit of a perfectionist. I will need to learn some speed cuts if I'm to survive. I hadn't been told that I'd be there for lunch so wasn't well prepared. I only had a small can of tuna, my snack, so it was 3 pm before I had lunch and while I managed well at the time I wonder how much it contributed to the late night/early morning snack. Otherwise I am happy enough. I'd heard many horror stories about this place, mainly because they are understaffed and as a result have difficulty retaining people. After yesterday I can see why that would be. A young girl was started off in caring and put right into lifting and cleaning up poos etc. What a shocking start. Otherwise it seems to have a good atmosphere and I heard people singing and lots of laughter.

Today we go for the SuperMarket orienteering so I am being stretched with new experiences lately. I am now somewhat concerned that I might end up with more hours than I can juggle. But I want that money in the bank. I am really excited about the possibility of going on the Alaskan Cruise and hopefully being able to go on Canadian Rail as well as visit friends in USA.

I have my 16 quilt square laid out on the floor and every now and then I move them around again. I think I am gradually coming up to the best plan so perhaps will have time to stitch them up without waiting to ask the talented ones to view it tonight. Next I must decide on fabrics for the borders. Still a long way from finished. It is barely begun.
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