Sunday, 27 April 2008


The following is my reply to a comment by Kate ...It is amazing. A few years ago a friend who travelled a lot asked what my plans were. I thought she was being a bit snobby and felt rather defensive and told her we so loved NZ we had no plans for overseas. Then suddenly we sold property at such a profit I felt safe to take a fixed sum out for our first trip to USA. I was hooked. The second one we could not afford and had to up our mortgage so is still costing us.Now I will do whatever it takes to get make our next trip possible. I need to become so competent at work that they want me and will up my hours. It helps that I love my job. The next best thing to travel is planning the itinerary. After the first time we feel really confident about doing it without travel agents as far as possible.

I love to receive comments because 1. it tells me you are interested in what I write and 2. it gives me a chance to give feed back.

More about travel ...

My father loved driving and from a very young child we went on road trips or day long drives. He had a charcoal burner for the car, a 30's Plymouth, which was messy and had to be stoked at regular intervals, to overcome the petrol restrictions. This was the forerunner to LPG, as the car was running on coal gas. Over the years I have travelled many parts of New Zealand, either to visit relatives and friends or on holiday. TWJ & I also have a love of road travel. The first major trip we did was over 10 years ago when we took a 6 week drive around the South Island. We lingered in some places, rushed past others, like Golden Bay, because we knew if we went there we would love it so much we might never see anything else. After that trip the idea of living in a MotorHome began to take hold. We used the small amount of savings we had for our 'old age' and bought a 1968 Austin Bus. The original idea was to live full time in it for maybe 7 years but life got in the way and we have only done trips, the longest being 6 months in the Sth. Is.

I also discovered something about myself which shocked me. I am not as freely outgoing as I thought. I can't pull into a park and get out and socialise immediately. TWJ does but I need 2-3 days in each place before I begin to feel safe enought to adventure out, even going for a walk on a strange beach seems threatening at first. On the first trip of 3 months in Northland I became incredibly homesick for my friends and especially my church. I did not understand myself at all. I know know that living in community is very important to me. I am not happy being a rolling stone. At the same time shorter trips and adventures are great. I love travelling but I must have a stable home as well.

TWJ is telling me I am running out of time here. We leave in half an hour and I still need to have my first meal of the day, a berry smoothie, and get dressed. I will dress for work although I have a few spare hours, because the weather is awful, cold wet, windy so I won't be going for a walk on the beach today. My feet will cheer!
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