Thursday, 10 April 2008


Ha! Not what you thought. Another copy from http://slimmingforlife.com.au/ because it is the beginning of new phase in my life.

Enough messing around with this plan and that plan.

Enough procrastination.

Enough going with the flow ..... too risky.

Enough losing and gaining the same old fat.

Enough is Enough.

Brave words.

Enough is Enough is Enough!

I am eating sensibly today. Tomorrow I will begin Lean For Life, the lifestyle program that I have proved over and over works for me.

But there will be one major difference. The program recommends daily weighing because the weight loss is that discernible and it is very encouraging to see a few grams less most days. But my scales stink, probably because they are not on a reliable surface. Whatever the reason they are frustrating me. So I am not going to weigh daily and record my weight as I have done in the past. For 6 weeks I am making no official weigh-in. At the end of six weeks I will officially weigh on Mum's scales and see how much less than 95.5kg I am. I will also weigh in on my Dr's scales and have it recorded there although her scales are nearly as dodgy as mine.

Instead of weight I am going to measure my success by the ketostix for the first 4 weeks and the next 2 weeks by my exercise and how closely I keep to my menus. I am going to miss my weight loss graph so will think of another way to record my daily success, maybe with heart, butterfly and humerous stickers on a calendar. Maybe I will even photgraph it for here occasionally.Sounds childish but I seem to need something to look at each morning. It has become part of my routine to get out my record folder each morning usually before breakfast

This is a huge challenge. Usually not jumping on the scales means I am eating badly, not exercising, and don't want to know what the damage is.

My goal is to be an 80s girl, that's in kgs not years :lol: at the end of 6 weeks, May 23rd.

80's here comes Margie Anne. Look out fat. You are on notice to be trashed.

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