Thursday, 20 March 2008


Yesterday I went to the dentist only to find my appointment was 29 hours previous. I had remembered the time & date from the card on the fridge but that was last month. This month's apt. card was hiding in my wallet. So I have a new apt. for April Fool's Day .... go figure.

This morning I had just finished telling TWJ I was having grilled tomato flavoured with a little cooked onion. I went to the kitchen looked at the supplements I was taking with food & had the frozen berries, milk, yoghurt & protein powder, that's my regular breakfast when on Lean For Life, in the jug ready to be whizzed before my head engaged. I was not about to throw it out so modify plan. Today I will follow tomorrow's menu & tomorrow I have today's menu. It makes sense.

I think the menu planner says you should eat the days in order but you can eat the meals in any order. Well if that is so I've mucked it up. But not too concerned because I have lost 5kg..... Yes 5kg in a week. I know heaps of that is fluid but what a kick start. Biggest Losers had better watch out. Here I come.

The irony is that I began reading a book my daughter gave me yesterday ..... The No Diet Diet by Professor Ben Fletcher & Co. The basic principle seems to be that fat people have some inflexible habits that need to be changed .... yeah! and it is all psychological. Break the underlying habit web and you crack the weight problem for ever. Hmmmmmm! Jury still out but it does make sense as you read it and I'm interested enough to follow their advice because it cannot do any harm. I mean what is harmful about getting up 1 hour earlier one morning and making good use of it your own way! Or having 1 day without TV. Yay!

I think it could be fun.

I have read Leenie's journal from start to finish. Wow! What a gal! I drove the family nuts because I read night & day, whenever there was nothing urgent calling. It was like reading a detective novel or something. I had to know what happened next. I'm sorry that she chose to end the journal at the beginning of her New Life. Thank-goodness I am too old to think about a tummy tuck. When I am covered in loose skin I will just find ways to cover up. Bodysuit to make the best shape possible under my clothes and no sleeveless tops etc. I promised myself that operations and anaesthetics are for serious matters, ie life threatening only. I have a terrible reaction and take nearly 12 months to feel like me again.

When I reach my goal weight I will have lost about 55kg give or take according to what I look like as I get close. Now that's a lot of weight on a 159cm tall body. My height at the gym, not my calculation which is closer to 162cm. No point in losing weight and looking 80 instead of a very young 70. Also it does pay according to all my friends to keep a little bit of weight in reserve in case you get sick. Personally I think that is rubbish but I could change my mind.

We came home late yesterday afternoon with a bucket load of groceries. Tonight Jay is staying with us while she sorts out how many hours she needs to be in Whangamata over the weekend. It is blissful to be in our own house with no concern for Mum. May it last the whole weekend. I do so look forward to time with Jay without other people in the way. It's a rare opportunity to enjoy each other. We have her room prepared and I need to do a little more housework sometime but right now I must wash my hair. That has become a mission and I like to do it every 2nd day but it is now 3 or 4 days. I have some kind of dermatitis. Psoriasis + probably and what I do is a little hilarious except that it can take all day if I don't stay on focus. First today I have rubbed a manuka honey gel into my scalp as best I can & put a plastic bag over it. Great head gear Not. Soon I will wash out the healing gel, wash with ketopine shampoo from the chemist. This is supposed to deal with any fungi problem. Then I run a lavender bath & soak for as long as I can read, & give my hair a 2nd wash with selsun another medicated shampoo, this time with sulphur in it to kill the bugs. Again I leave that on for a period and finally finish off with an envigorating shower with my favourite shower gel while I let a pantene conditioner help the hair strands recover I can do it a lot quicker but each shampoo needs 5 minutes to do it's job. I have no idea how long I will keep up this crazy regime but it does work up to a point. My scalp is marginally less itchy and definitely less flakey. Most of the time I am scratching as though I have nits. Yuck. One of these days I will get fed up and get a referral to a skin specialist but all my reading to date has suggested that there really is no solution. Don't you love that. If anyone has any advice it is very welcome.

In fact I have itchy skin. I read somewhere that some poor souls feel as though ants are biting them. One of the post menopause symptoms. Nice. Well I feel as if a zillion mosquitoes are biting in the same place at once. There is nothing to see but man does it itch. I often draw little beads of blood with my scratching. Just one of those things I live with and try not to forget where I am & who I am with when I scratch. It's not a good look. I do believe that I have a tendency toward follicullitis aggravated by yeasts, all aggravated by hot humid weather. I also have a tendency towards excema and right now have a patch on my buttocks. I know there has been and still is a lot of stressful things in our life but this is ridiculous. So far no diet or prayer or any other thing has brought permanent relief.

Well if I don't go and take the next step with my hair the morning will be gone and nothing to show for it.
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