Sunday, 30 March 2008


We have sat around reading all day. TWJ his library book, I finished reading Diet Girl and did some of the Sunday paper's puzzles. We watched the news, 60 minutes and CSI. Wow how exciting is that! Darby & Joan in carpet slippers.

I have not eaten so well but not too badly either. Lots of corn thins with either peanut butter or real butter and jam, some camembert, yoghurt & toast with poached eggs, no fruit and 1 small tomato. Tomorrow it's back into my generated menus and it will be interesting to see how much weight I drop in the next 2 weeks.

But diet is not the whole answer and unless I get myself moving regularly I will not be happy with myself. I need to walk. I love walking. It is just this procrastination thing. Tomorrow we have an 11am apt in town so I need to get my head around what I am going to do in the morning now. Do I go for a walk after my first drink of the day and before breakfast ?.... That routine seems to be the best for consistent walking. If I wait I just seem to fluff around all day.

I was interested to read that real saggy skin is at least in part because there is still fat hanging in there. Muscle development and muscle replacement of fat should prevent the worst of bagginess. But then I've seen photos of older women who weight train and they still have that awful old wrinkly skin so I guess some of it is genetic and I must not let the thought of baggy skin stop me from being healthy. Wrinkles are not unhealthy and do not have to be unsightly. Well that's what I tell myself because it's not only about how I look but health and health has a whole lot to do with how I feel about me. I don't have too many hang-ups about liking myself and even loving self but I am a bit cross that I haven't got this weight loss thing right and now might have to put up with looking like a deflated balloon for the rest of my life.

Oh and this is an American program and I am driven nuts by the spelling check, I have to keep going to the Cambridge Dictionary, and the date. Right now it is 10.30 pm, Sunday, March 30th. 45 years ago we were saying goodbye to our parents and wedding guests. We drove about 2 hours to Taupo where we stayed in the Lakeside Motel right next to the fire alarm. I was totally exhausted with all the excitement of the Wedding and days leading up to it so it was a shock to be woken at an unearthly hour, (probably 7am), by a general alarm which went on & on. Later we learned the fire was at a large timber yard or mill. Again, here we live across the road from the fire station so hope they don't get an early morning call tomorrow.
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