Thursday, 27 March 2008

Here are some photos from last year when we were living in the Purple Bus, visiting our sons in the South Island. We also travelled a little & spent April working for the NZ Historical Places Trust in Central Otago, Golden country.

Another day spent reading Blogs. I am fascinated by other people's lives especially when they are full of experience and wisdom that gets me motivated too. It doesn't do much for the exercise though so I must make some real decisions and stop procrastinating.

I know what I need to do and I know that as I become more active I will become stronger and fitter and that means healthier. The more you move the more you want to move and the more you enjoy it so it doesn't make sense that I keep on putting it off. My goal is only 10,000 steps for the whole week. I should blast that. I can't go to the gym but I have a good set of flexibility and strength exercises which I can do quite easily at home, gradually increasing them as I become better at them. I haven't done them once this last week and tomorrow begins my 3rd week and is my official weigh in.

I'm really comfortable about my food. Today I had yoghurt for breakfast, a 150gm tub of lite fresh & fruity, which is low fat but sweeter than I like so I mixed in a couple of spoons of plain thick yoghurt. That made it just right. I had 2 eggs scrambled with skinny milk for lunch, cottage cheese with a stick of celery mid-afternoon, & pan fried fish with a small tomato for dinner.

Tomorrow and the following 2 days I can eat whatever I like but there is a catch. I must stop before I'm overfull so that means being careful with my serving sizes. There's no point in gaining any of the weight I've lost so I won't be eating chocolate or heaps of bread, high sugar & starchy foods. Sunday is our 45th, YES! 45th Wedding Anniversary and TWJ has booked us into me to the local restaurant for dinner on Saturday night. I will make good choices and maybe have 1 glass of wine .... maybe.

I am not going to cry over unmet goals but will tell the story here just so you know. I made my umpteenth start in January 2007 at something like 115kg. That is a lot on my little 159cm frame. My goal was to wear my wedding dress for our 45th Anniversary. I wasn't a skinny bride but my weight was in the normal range at around 160kg. While we were away one of my nieces, a very trim woman who does body sculpting tried on my dress when she was visiting, and was unable to do up the zip. Of course she was not wearing the flash merry widow underneath that gave me a lovely shape. The photo remains a huge wake-up call for me and is kept in my tracking folder as a reminder of how far away from what was, and what can be again if I work at it. I was so sure I could make it. I was losing an average 1 kg per week, I was walking up to 12km some days, I felt fitter and stronger everyday and was on the verge of pulling out some clothes I had bought but never worn because they had always been too small. The change in me was noticable and remarkable.

When I began we were in the South Island living in the Purple Bus and although it wasn't so easy when we were on the move, rather than based and settled at one of our sons, I did well. After 6 months it was time for us to come home. My Mum needed us to be near. Our daughter had become her chief care giver and needed us to be closer. And the Yo-yo dieting began. I'm not going to try to explain it because it's so complex. Finally in December I asked my Dr. for anti-depressants. She had been waiting for me to admit I needed help. It took quite a while for them to kick in but now I am feeling the benefit. I do feel as though I'm a little bit dumbed down but at least I'm fit to live with again.

Two weeks ago I went cold turkey on Nestle cappuccinos, so creamy and sweet, bread and that meant the butter and jam that went with it, and in fact almost all foods with added sugar. I weighed in at over 100 kg depending on which scales I am using. I will know tomorrow how well I have done. My first goal is to be under 90 kg. My ultimate goal is to weigh 58 - 63kg. I will know when I get there.
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