Saturday, 22 March 2008


This is my 'crash diet' menu. Actually it doesn't feel like a crash diet and already, 10th day, I feel as though I have more energy. I tested for ketones this morning and there was the proof that I am burning fat. Yay!

Day 1. breakfast = scrambled eggs
lunch = lettuce & salad vegies tossed with lite tuna and Paul Newman mustard & honey dressing
afternoon = cheese (I also ate a very small piece of fruit cake - not on menu.
dinner = 2 sausages, mashed potato carrot & boccoli with a little cheese sauce. This was not on the menu plan but I kept the serving modest.

Day 2. Fresh fruit only

Day 3. breakfast =150 gam lite fruity yoghurt
lunch = tuna salad
afternoon = cooked green beans and hunk of cheddar cheese
dinner = roast beef

Day 4. breakfast = shake or smoothie depending on your definition. Menu said low fat milk but I don't drink milk so 1/2 cup standard milk, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/4 cup plain thick yoghurt.
lunch = tuna salad
afternoon = fresh apple
dinner = roast beef sans vegies & gravy

Day 5. breakfast = smoothie
lunch = fruit with lite dairy whip optional
afternoon = 2 boiled eggs
dinner = roast lamb with brussels sprouts, and - pumpkin, onion & little mint sauce were extras but again very modest serve.

Day 6. smoothie, tuna salad and chicken breast

Day 7. smoothie, salad with 2 hard boiled eggs, chicken breast

Day 8. should have been a vegie only day but had my smoothie made before brain kicked in so small deviation. Smoothie, 300 gm lite fruity yoghurt, piece of grilled fish, serve of roast beef.

Day 9. vegies only

Day 10. fruit, tuna salad, fresh apple, roast chicken sans vegies & gravy.

Day 11. smoothie, mixed green & red vegies, fruit, yoghurt.

Then I have a dilemma. The next three days should be free to eat what I like but stop before feeling completely full. But that means I would be on the 4th day of the next 2 weeks menus on Sunday which is our 45th Wedding Anniversary. TWJ is choosing how we will celebrate so I do not want to be stuck on a strict menu day. To prevent this I will stay on the generated menus for an extra few days so that Sunday falls at the end of my free days.

I have enjoyed the food so will use these menus for another 2 weeks. I'm thinking I might stay with it for 8 weeks. By then I should be ready to go onto Lean For Life again and lose an average of 700 gm or more each week.

At this rate I should be less than 90 kg by mid April, less than 80 kg by my birthday mid June. I am not very good at predicting my progress so every 5 kg is a win. The generated menus are supposed to help you lose 5 kg a fortnight. ( I have already lost more than 5kg this fortnight). I can average I kg a week on LFL. The major difficulty is whether I will stay with it consistently. It is all too easy to get sidetracked when Mum is not well.

I had a no TV day all day yesterday. That was interesting because we live in a small house. I went walking, sat outside talking on the phone, went to my bedroom to read, and although I did see snippets and heard more than I wanted to hear I did not sit down and watch TV.

Lunch time already and I still have some housework as we are expecting Jay to bring home a friend for the night.
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