Monday, 24 March 2008


We have had a fairly quiet time. The weather is brilliant. Our daughter had a lot of work on but still had enough energy to go to the beach for a swim on Friday. She wasn't so keen on Saturday because we have a good 500m walk. Not something I do as I'm so conscious of my size and cover-ups don't really cut it. Also it is quite a long walk in wet togs and my skin drives me nuts without extra chafing.

Yesterday I went with Jay on her run to work, so was able to go to my favourite church and catch up and no driving. We live 1 & 1/2 hours drive from my 'home' church and it's not an easy drive on our narrow, one lane each way roads, winding over some pretty big hills. Also at Easter the roads are mad with holiday people from the cities who don't always know how to drive. Jay dropped me off down the coast a bit, at Tairua, and I caught the ferry, a medium sized motor boat, across the harbour to Pauanui where I was met by friends. We got to church in time to go into the 'anointed broom closet,' really a side room used for storage of vestments etc. for our pre-service prayer time. This is always special as we soon experience the Manifest Presence of God with joy. The service was lively. It is so good to be at home in church with so many good friends, and we have fun. We clap, we dance, yesterday we sang with CDs live worship from a big church, Toronto, Canada and m friend had an interesting message. Nothing boring here. At the close there was an invitation for people to come forward for prayer for healing, physical, as well as broken hearted. I was asked to join the prayer team. The second person we began to pray for was struggling with depression. I was asked to pray and did a double take as I'd just finished telling my friends I was on medication, but then I remembered that there is something good about praying for others in the very area you are struggling in. It's a bit like sowing seeds for your own future. Anyway we had a WOW! moment as we prayed and anointing fell on this beautiful young woman. She left feeling and looking so much better and encouraged in God as well. I like that. And I was part of it. Not to boast but to be amazed that God allowed me to be part of His work.

We have a shared lunch at our church because people do come from all over the place and it is a great time to catch up. Yesterday they were from England, and towns round and about, (2 or 3 hours away), like, Tauranga, Auckland, Hamilton. Our normal congregation is small, maybe 40 - 50 on a good day so it was great to have the church filled up with visitors from all kinds of denominations. Jay was held up so I had time to go to a cafe with a couple of friends where I had chilled lemon tea. See I resisted the cappuccino ... my addictive treat. The lemon tea was delicious, ( maybe too sweet but well iced), & went down well as the day quite warm and sticky my face was wet with sweat. Good Look, not, but then I wasn't the only one.

I caught the ferry back and walked off the wharf a few moments before Jay came round the corner and home we went but not without another stop to say hello to Mum and wish S-I-L Happy Birthday. There's a crowd at Mum's, and they've been fishing and swimming, loving the beach. We finally got home and I was totally bushed. Thank-goodness I had salad in the fridge so was able to sit down to my tea with out any fuss, while Jay, bless her heart, got her & TWJ's meal. I was a little cross with him because he was riveted to TV watching motor racing as though the world would stop if he was interrupted.

TWJ, The Wonderful John, my husband, in case I haven't introduced him, has booked us into the local restaurant for dinner on Saturday night. They are supposed to be up to scratch and it's just a km down the road so we might even walk. I am going to enjoy and eat and even have a wine, I'm a 5-10 glasses of wine a year girl. All I have to be aware of is not to eat until I am overfull. That means I can leave food on my plate if I want another course. I am continuing on the restricted menus through Thursday so that Friday, Saturday & Sunday are my free days then I'll start another 11 days of generated menus.

I think I've rambled on a bit so time to close.

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