Sunday, 16 March 2008


This is a new experience. I have been reading other peoples blogs and thought I would have some fun with writing here. But .... now that I am here I don't know what to write.

Since this is a weight loss journal perhaps I can start at the beginning. Once I weighed about 9 stone and felt fat. Now I weigh 100kg and feel fat. Every year since my first child was born it seems that I have gained weight although I'm sure I have lost tons as well trying out dozens of different ways to lose weight from the sensible to the silly. I have become obsessed with losing weight and tried and tried.

A few years ago my sons introduced me to a program called Lean For Life based on a book by Cynthia Stamper Graff and the program her father established at the Lindora Clinic, Los Angelos. It is a ketogentic program, ie you test you urine each morning for ketones and this proves you are eating and exercising in a manner to burn fat. I have found this program very easy to follow and lost 20 kg in 2007. Sadly I put more than 1/2 of that back on and have been messing about with my weight going up and down over those 15kg for the last 7 months. To get me going I am trying something different as I seem to have gone stale on the Lean For Life program. Currently I am using menus generated by a website that are similar to the Lean For Life program in principle.

I am sick of trying to lose weight and was on the point of letting myself believe that at my age I should just sit back and let life flow on around me. But it is not in my nature to give up and anyway the health benefits of being slim as you grow older are huge. Joints become stressed and it becomes harder to move for one thing, not to mention high blood pressure and the risk of diabetes and other not so nice things.

Today I have had a quiet day. There are many different things going on in our lives at present so I didn't even make the effort to go to church. I am getting lazy in that respect partly because it is an effort to drive the distance. Tomorrow We have to go to my mother's house to be around while our daughter who lives with her is at work. It's only 25 minutes from here but all this running backwards and forwards on our narrow, steep hill roads is a pain so we will stay over for the night as well. It just seems as though I never get more than a few nights at a time in the same bed.

I have about 40 kg to lose. I want to be specific but the reality is I may have to modify my goal as I get close because I want to look as good as possible and not like a plucked chook. The loose skin is going to be bad enough to live with. The true goal is to be healthier and fitter than I am right now. That should be easy .... right? But it won't happen without some hard work, determination and focus on the job. Maybe this will help my focus. Maybe this will encourage someone else to give it a go.
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