Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Just TWJ and I at home tonight. Jay left about lunch time and I've given my hair the dragged out treatment. Had a nice soak in a lavender bath at the same time. Tonight there is supposed to be a quilting group meeting just across the road so I will go and see. I'm not a dedicated quilter but I do enjoy many crafts. It's the doing that's good. The results are often nothing to skite about. I began, several years ago, making a patchwork butterfly quilt for the bed in our motorhome. I am doing all the stitching by hand and am about half way through the main lot of quilting. It really is going to be a lovely piece when finished and I need to get back into it now that the sticky summer days are coming to an end. I also have a hanging, I bought in Durango when we tripped around the States three years ago, which is still in it's packet. I love hand stitching. There is something relaxing about it.

I've had a day of different meals. Breakfast was some freshly boiled green beans, cooked to the crunchy point point. I didn't think that would see me through to lunch so had a thick slice of cheddar cheese too, all fitting in with my menus. Lunch was a garden salad with tuna then my mid-afternoon meal was something I very rarely eat. I had about 45gm of cottage cheese with a stick of celery. I'm not a great fan of cottage cheese but I thoroughly enjoyed this and will have it again even though I wouldn't eat it everyday. Tonight TWJ is having mince on toast and I will have scrambled eggs. The minced beef or hamburger beef has been cooked up as a kind of stew on the stove top with onion, diced carrot, celery & tomatoes. I added an oxo cube, (beef flavouring) and seasoned with pepper, salt & cumin. It tastes yummy and I will freeze some to eat on my free days. I am enjoying these menus and have had no real hungry moments. What has happened is that my taste buds are enjoying sugar free yoghurt and other flavours because I'm not clogged up with starches coffee & sugars.

I have an addictive personality. All it takes one coffee and I'm yearning for more, especially cappuccinos with sugar. I'm the same with chocolate and bread and cakes and biscuits yet if I don't touch them I have no problem with cravings .... usually. That is why I don't use WW program. It allows too much freedom for me. On WW I eat a whole stack of trigger foods so while I last for a few weeks I cannot continue on plan for enough time to reach my goal weight. As I eat the way I am at present I gradually lose the addictive aspects of these foods. But probably I will always have to exercise discipline & restraint and remember that if I have a sandwich today I must not eat bread again that week. It's kind of sad to think I can never eat ad lib again if I want to make the most of the weight I've lost and stay healthy.

Those scrambled eggs are calling. TWJ's tea smells so good and I'm drooling so must get into my meal.
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