Friday, 21 March 2008


I'm pleased with progress so far and how I feel in myself. It's so good to be in control again.

It does seem a lttle weird doing what is really a crash diet but I wasn't getting anywhere so it was necessary to change something. This hasn't been hard and I feel all the better for it. I know I am doing this as a specific diet for a limited time. No way could it be called a lifestyle change but the goal is to set in place some behaviours that will make the permanent change stick.

The next big thing is to get my walking and other exercises up and running. I can't go to the gym, I cannot afford a Personal Trainer, but I have learned a lot about what I can do for myself.

Last night we watched Biggest Loser USA. It was a shocker. The game suddenly became more important than losing weight. I can't believe that some of them ate cookies just to stay in and I can't believe that one guy drank about 2 gallons of water plus took sodium, (salt), in an attempt to stay in. I'd rather lose the money prize and keep my integrity. They took huge risks with their health and weight loss journey. I cannot believe that someone could gain 17 pounds in one week. In my book that guy is a complete wally. I don't want to appear judgemental but that is how I feel. Of course maybe I'd feel differently if a million bucks was at stake.

On the other hand I do find that watching this program and reading other people's weight loss stories helps me keep motivated. I don't want to obssess over diet & food in public. I find that by being part of the internet weight loss community I can go out into the world and appear to be reasonably normal. Does that make me a closet dieter. I wish! One of my bugbears is that if you don't watch out every conversation turns to weighty matters sooner or later. I always come from such an encounter vowing to blacklist the subject. 1. It should be boring and often is. 2. It either triggers feelings of guilt or smugness. 3. While the results of my journey speak for themselves, (weight loss is an amazingly visible change), I just want to get on with the rest of my life.

I'm going to begin the No Diet Diet today. I'm starting at basic level although it would seem I am really further along. It is another experiment and an opportunity to grow as a person. It should generate some interesting posts so keep in touch.

The next bit is meant to provoke you so don't let it get to you.

Talking of diets I know that some people find the word diet has negative connotations, another four letter word, and they won't use it except in the context of gimmicky diets and crash diets.

I looked up Wikipedia

Noun, Singular - diet, Plural - diets.

The food and beverage a person or animal consumes.
The diet of the Giant Panda consists mainly of bamboo.

(countable) A controlled regimen of food and drink, as to gain or lose weight or otherwise influence health.

By extension, any habitual intake or consumption.
He's been reading a steady diet of nonfiction for the last several years.

Diet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Diet (nutrition), the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group.

Dieting, the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake.

Diet food, foods that aid in dieting
Cuisine, the diet of a particular culture

From the Cambridge Dictionary

diet noun

1. the food and drink usually taken by a person or group: Diet varies between different countries in the world.
a healthy/balanced/varied diet Rice is the staple diet (= most important food) of many people in China.
The children seem to exist on a diet of burgers and chips.

2. when someone eats less food, or only particular types of food, because they want to become thinner or for medical reasons:I'm going on a diet next week and hope to lose two kilos before Christmas.
a crash/strict/calorie-controlled diet The doctor put me on a low-salt diet to reduce my blood pressure.

3. a particular type of thing that you experience or do regularly, or a limited range of activities:He was brought up on a diet of political propaganda from birth.
The TV only offers a diet of comedies and old movies every evening.

So you see that diet is a neutral word. It should not evoke anger or fear or guilt. To me diet is just the food I eat. If I want to lose weight I choose a suitable menu of foods. Currently I am using Internet Generated Menus to kick start and help me get into a good space for consistent weight loss. My diet is the food I eat whether losing weight or Heaven help me gaining.

You can be on a WW program, choosing menus that will ensure weight loss. That is your diet.

You could be eating breakfast at Macdonalds every day, lunch from the bakery and greasy takeaways every evening, all washed down with numerous sodas and beer and that would be your diet.

The verb To Diet is a little different. It suggests that you have a special regimen you follow. This could be for weight loss, weight gain, muscle definition as in body building, it could be to eliminate foods you are allergic too, to lower blood pressure, to stabalise diabeties, to heal a damaged stomach and so on. Again it is a neutral word and only our perception makes it feel negative or judgemental.

Why on earth did I rant on?

I feel sad whenever I here someone say they don't like the word diet. It is my friend. Without it our langauge would be poorer.

I love my diet especially when I keep to health promoting foods.

Lecture on the word diet ends here. :lol:
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